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La Bella Vita

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La Bella Vita

Wellness & Relaxation Center

Welcome to the Good Life

We are the only wellness & relaxation center in our area to offer all our treatments under one roof.  We are located at 119 Route 22 East in Green Brook, Somerset County, NJ offering floatation pods, Whole Body Cryo Chamber, Local/Facial Cryo sessions, Infrared Detox Sauna Pod, Skin Hydration Pod, Light Therapy, Oxygen/Aromatherapy station, Infrared Body Slim Wrap, Lymphatic Drainage Body Wrap, Foot Detox 

We are a family who have always worked hard and together since day one and well we were and sometimes still are stressed to limits that are not healthy nor enjoyable. So as we are getting older and realizing what really is important in life, we wanted to open this center and offer all our treatments in one location and to build a community to help not just ourselves but all who find themselves wanting wellness, relaxation, inner peace and to truly enjoy our lives to the fullest.  If this sounds like something you want in your life, come join us!

Wishing you the best

Your soon to be family at La Bella Vita Wellness & Relaxation Center

Come enjoy the good life

Whole Body Cryo
It is an alternative to much time consuming and  uncomfortable ice baths.  Our unit is a single person device which engulfs a persons body.

Cryotherapy has a multitude of benefits including a feeling of well being and rejuvenation. 

The Cryofacial™ was developed by Jonas Kuehne, MD, and uses pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors which are applied to the face and neck to help stimulate and improve the overall appearance of the skin. A course of Cryofacials helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduces the appearance of pores

Local Cryotherapy
Unlike whole body cryotherapy  localized cryotherapy can be used to target specific areas delivering the benefits of WBC locally.  Clients frequently combine this treatment with Whole Body Cryotherapy, to treat specific problem areas.

Floatation Therapy Pod
Over 800lbs of Epsom Salt is dissolved in the water of the Floatation Pod which creates effortless floating.  When you lay back into our 95 degree warm water, you will float, everyone floats! Float for 60 mins while either enjoying pure silence and darkness or enjoy Color LED (Chromotherapy) while listening to soothing music or music of your choice. Floating will leave your skin soft and smooth.

Infrared Detox Sauna Pod
Thermal Heat Therapy - Far infrared Sauna Pod
Far Infrared is light we can not see but can feel as heat.  
Benefits of this therapy include the following
Calorie burn up to 600 calories per 30 minute session
Reduction of Cellulite appearance
Pain Relief
Skin rejuvenation
and Detox

Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage Suit is a compression system designed to increase the flow of our lymphatic fluids to detoxify their bodies.

This is a safe alternative to Liposuction.  Recommended to help with appearance of cellulite, relieves pain & swelling.

Infrared Slim Body Wrap
Come sweat the calories away with our infrared Slim Body Wrap!

Our far infrared slim Body Wrap can help increase basic metabolic rate (BMR) which is the fastest and natural way to lose weight
Oxygen/Aromatherapy Station & Ionic Foot Detox Bath

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Contact & Directions

La Bella Vita
119 Route 22 East
Greenbrook, New Jersey 07203
Phone: 732-200-5648

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